4 Inch Billet Wheel, Bearing Bore

Regular price $30.00

This 4 inch billet aluminum wheel is designed to be used with SDS swerve modules. It also works well as the outer wheels on the AndyMark AM14U4 kit of parts chassis. This wheel is made for 1 inch wide tread and has 4 pairs of 10-32 tapped holes to fasten the tread to the wheel.

Tread will need to be purchased separately. We recommend AndyMark's 1 inch wide blue nitrile roughtop tread. If you don't mind cutting the tread to width, Mcmaster 5994K9 works great as well.

The following hardware is included:
  • Qty 8, 10-32 X 1/2" Button Head Screws for attaching tread
  • Qty 6, 10-32 X 1/2" Flat Head Screws for attaching a 60t bevel gear

While this wheel is designed for SDS swerve modules, it may also prove to be usefully for other drive trains that require 4 inch wheels with a 1.875" diameter 10-32 bolt circle.


  • 0.28 Pounds (aluminum wheel only)



  • Aluminum 6061 - T6