MK3, MK4 NEO Pinions

Regular price $20.00

If you want your MK3 or MK4 modules to be compatible with both NEO and Falcon motors please order the modules with the Falcon gears and order this item to receive the additional gears for the NEO motors.

Please match the gear ratio option of this item to the gear ratio of the MK3/MK4 modules that you are ordering. This will ensure that you are purchasing the correct gears for your selected module ratio.

This item includes:

  • Qty 1, NEO steering motor gear, 15T 32DP (this gear is a press fit for 8mm shaft)
  • Qty 1, NEO drive motor gear, 14T 20DP or 16T 20DP (depending on the gear ratio)
  • Qty 1, Aluminum spacer (for the drive gear)
  • Qty 1, 2mm machine key (for the drive gear)
  • Qty 1, Retaining ring (for the drive gear)