Power Steering Pump Mounting Kit, J-Series Miata

Regular price $200.00

This power steering pump mounting kit allows you to mount the Miata power steering pump on a Honda J-Series engine.  Because the power steering pump is roughly in the same location as it would be on the stock Miata engine, the factory Miata power steering lines to the pump can be reused. This eliminates the hassle of sourcing a custom high pressure line. 

This kit includes:

  • Billet power steering pump mounting bracket
  • Billet power steering belt Idler pulley with bearing
  • Spacer to adjust dipstick position
  • All required hardware

The belt required is not included with this kit. Please purchase belt part number 4040412 or 4PK1050.

Since this kit mounts the power steering pump where the alternator would typically be on a J-Series engine, the alternator must be relocated. This kit must be used with the Prank Parts alternator relocation kit.

* Please note that one of the power steering reservoir ports will need to be adjusted slightly to clear the power steering pump pulley. This can easily be accomplished by carefully bending the port.

* Please note that fitment of this kit has only been verified on a J32A2 engine in a NA Miata.