SDS Sponsorship - 2020

Regular price $92.00

Come to the SDS shop on Sunday February 9th to machine parts for 4 of your own MK2 modules. Since these parts are machined in-season and since each piece of material is less than $5 all of the parts will be legal to use on your 2020 competition robot and will be exempt from your bill of materials.

The parts you will make are:
  • Qty 4, MK2 Main Plate
  • Qty 4, MK2 Motor Plate
  • Qty 4, Wheel Mount A
  • Qty 4, Wheel Mount B
  • Qty 4, MK2 Base Pulley
  • Qty 4, Wheel Spacer
  • Qty 4, MK2 Intermediate Shaft
  • Qty 4, MK2 Center Shaft
  • Qty 4, MK2 Steering Shaft
  • Qty 4, Billet Wheels
  • Qty 8, Motor Spacers
Teams will be responsible for materials cost of $92. The total retail value of parts you will be machining is $868.

The SDS sponsorship is open to teams 2910 and 4911 for the 2020 FRC Season.