Kit, Adapter, 16T Drive Pinion Gear (MK4i)

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This kit enables the MK4i Swerve Module to utilize a 16T drive pinion gear (standard is 14T) to increase the drivetrain's free speed ~14%. The adapter shifts the drive motor's position to accommodate the larger pinion gear without requiring a unique Motor Plate, simplifying installation onto already assembled swerve modules.

This kit is not for converting the MK4i Swerve Module from one motor to another (for instance, from NEO motors to NEO Vortex motors). It only includes the components for implementing a 16T drive pinion gear. The MK4i Pinion Gear Kit is for converting the MK4i Swerve Module from one motor to another, 

Please note:

  • The NEO or NEO Vortex kit works for the NEO and NEO Vortex motors with the 8mm keyed shaft.
  • The Falcon 500 kit is primarily for the Falcon 500 motor, but can also work for the NEO Vortex motor with the Falcon spline shaft.


Kit contents:

  • 1 MK4i 16T Drive Pinion Gear Adapter (7075-T6 aluminum)
  • 3 #10 x 5/16" x 15/16" L Spacer
  • 3 10-32 x 1-1/4" Cap Screw
  • 4 10-32 x 5/16" Cap Screw
  • 1 16T Pinion Gear


CAD Models (STEP files)


Important: The NEO VORTEX motor has multiple shaft options. If that motor is configured with the 8mm keyed shaft, then select the NEO option for this adapter kit.

Please follow this diagram when attaching the adapter to the motor so the motor wires exit at an acceptable angle when the motor/adapter is attached to the swerve module: