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Kits are currently available for Backorder. Kits are shipping in the order that orders were received.

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  • MK2 Module kits are expected to be in stock for immediate shipment in mid to late October.

This is the production version of 2910's MK2 swerve module. The Swerve Drive Specialties MK2 module was designed specifically to take advantage of the NEO motor’s high performance, low weight, and small size. Despite it being one of the most compact and lightweight modules available, the MK2 module does not compromise on robustness. Under typical use, the modules will be able to handle multiple seasons of robotics competition.

The module easily mounts to common 2”X1” frame material. The module typically mounts on top of the robot chassis, however, there is also clearance for the module to mount below the chassis to maximize ground clearance.

The MK2 is available in two variations: the standard kit and fundamentals kit, both of which ship unassembled. The standard kit does not include the motors, encoder, or wheel. The fundamentals kit does not include parts that are readily available from McMaster, REV Robotics, AndyMark or VexPro. For a complete list of required parts and parts included with the kits, please review the parts lists.

Many gear ratios can be achieved by using different off-the-shelf gears. The table below shows gearing options and unadjusted free speeds if REV Robotics NEO motors are used. The gears included with the standard kit result in an unadjusted free speed of 11.9 ft/s. We find this ratio to be a good balance between speed, pushing power, and brown out susceptibility.

The module is available with lighter weight aluminum drive gears or longer lasting more robust steel drive gears. If the aluminum gear option is chosen, the included gears for the first and second stage will be 14T, 42T, 26T, and 18T. If the steel gear option is chosen, the included gears for the first and second stage will be 16T, 40T, 24T, and 20T. Regardless of which option is chosen, the motor pinion, steering gears, and bevel gears will be steel.

REV Robotics NEO motors are recommended. However, the module is compatible with CIM and Mini Cim motors, as well as many gearboxes that use the typical CIM mounting bolt pattern and 8mm shaft.

The MK2 module kit costs more than the MK1 due to the new design of the module, which includes more gears and shafts, as well as the MK2's motor plate being more complex to machine. However, when comparing the overall cost of a complete module, the MK2 will cost less than the MK1 because a VersaPlanetary gearbox is not required.

The MK2 module design requires the length of both motor shafts to be reduced by about 0.3in. Alternatively, a CIMCoder or spacer can be used to eliminate the need to cut the motor shafts.


  • NEO, Aluminum Gear Configuration - 4.9 pounds
  • NEO, Steel Gear Configuration - 5.1 pounds


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