Plate, Motor (MK4n)

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Motor Plate for use on the MK4n Swerve Module.

IMPORTANT Be sure to select the correct plate layout for your needs: Because the MK4n Swerve Module does not have a symmetric footprint, a mirrored layout is required. The two layouts are known as "A" and "B". The following illustrates the two swerve module layouts in a typical drivetrain:

An "A" plate will only work with a MK4n "A" Swerve Module, and a "B" plate will only work with a MK4n "B" Swerve Module. 

All parts of the MK4n Swerve Module are common between the "A" and "B" layouts, except for the Motor Plate and Main Plate. Those plates are engraved with "A" or "B", depending on their layout.


Weight: 0.23 Pounds

Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum

Finish: As Machined