MK1 Module Kit - Discontinued

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The MK1 module kit has been discontinued. There are still a few individual components available.

The MK1 module takes a lot of inspiration from and is heavily based on Aren Hill's module design.

The production version of 2910's MK1 swerve module. Simplified for weight, assembly, and manufacturing.

This kit comes unassembled and does not include the motors, encoders, wheel, VersaPlanetary, CIM-ile, or DeCIMate gearboxes. All these parts are available from either AndyMark or VexPro. For a complete list of parts included please view the parts list. In order to complete the module in the typical CIM motor configuration you will need to acquire the following parts separately. 

  • 1 - CIM motor
  • 1 - Bag motor
  • 1 - VersaPlanetary V2 gearbox with 1/2" Hex output shaft, (21:1 reduction recommended)
  • 1 - US Digital MA3 Encoder with 0.25" shaft, (am-2899)
  • 1 - VersaWheel 4", (217-3197)
  • 1 - CIMcoder, (am-3314a), (optional)

There are two variations of the module. One that would typically be used on the left front or right rear and another that would typically be used on the right front or left rear. The only part that is different between the two variations is the main plate.

A 14 tooth motor pinion and 30 tooth spur gear are sold with the module. The resulting overall ratio is 8.75:1 . With this ratio and a CIM motor, the theoretical free speed is 10.85 feet/sec. Different gear ratios can easily be achieved by changing these two 20DP gears. See the table below for the theoretical free speeds of different gearing options.



  • CIM configuration - 7.1 Pounds
  • Mini CIM configuration - 6.5 Pounds
  • CIM-ile configuration - 5.2 Pounds
  • DeCIMate configuration - 6.4 Pounds


Layout Drawing:

Parts List: